Have you tried tangerine cake? Today we bring you the recipe to prepare a very spongy and delicious one

For you who are looking for extravagant and natural flavors, dare to create a delicious homemade recipe that will leave you wanting to lick your fingers.

Tangerines contain nobiletine, a substance that prevents hardening of the arteries, and also pectin, a soluble fiber that helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood and, consequently, decrease the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Tangerine cake

Today we share with you this delicious recipe for you to enjoy one of the most delicious desserts that exists.


Tangerine cake


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.

After washing them well, cut the tangerines in half (crossed) leaving the peel to remove the seeds, if any. Cut them in crossed pieces so that it does not cost the blender so much to undo the fibers of the fruit.

Put the sugar with the tangerine in the blender and wait a few minutes for it to melt a little and be easy to blend. Then blend until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Add the eggs one by one to the blender. Add the oil to the mixture and blend just enough time to mix the ingredients well.

Pour the mixture into a deep bowl and add the flour little by little so that it does not volatilize. The dough should be neither too liquid nor too hard.

Pour the mixture into a previously greased and floured container. Bake in the oven at 175 degrees for 40 minutes.


Do not open the oven during the first 20 minutes of baking, otherwise the dough will deflate and the cake may become flattened.

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