How to make brioche, a French recipe for a perfect sweet bread

Brioche bread is a sweet French recipe of dough enriched with eggs, butter and sugar. It is delicious and you will surely become a fan of this delicious dish.

A delicious bun, not difficult to make, although it does take time, as you have to put a lot of care for the result to be spectacular. Personally, there is only one thing that does not convince us: how quickly it disappears... But it is very tasty!

How to make brioche

The smell that the brioche gives off when it is in the oven is intoxicating, the whole house smells of brioche and I dare say that even the neighbors smell it! Cheer up with the recipe, you will see how simple it is.


How to make brioche


Prepare the dough. Sift the flour and set aside. Dissolve the yeast in milk at room temperature, add salt and sugar. Set aside.

Make a hole in the center of the flour, add: milk with yeast and sugar, mix with a spoon, with slow movements so that the flour is well hydrated. Add the beaten eggs, mix everything well, let stand 1/2h.

Knead. Once the time has elapsed, add the butter. Knead well for 20 minutes, until all the ingredients are integrated and the dough is smooth but sticky.

Let it rest again for 1/2 hour. We prepare the mold where we are going to bake our brioche, well buttered. After the time has elapsed, knead the dough again for 20 minutes more on a work surface, sprinkled with a little flour.

The dough is very sticky but it is not necessary to add flour to make it easier to work because the result will not be as desired, if it sticks too much to your hands, wet them from time to time with a little water.

Divide the dough into portions of the same size, form balls with the dough and place the dough in the mold that will be greased with butter or margarine. Let it double its volume for 1h or 1h and a half, depending on the area where you have the brioche rising: if it is warmer it will rise sooner, if on the contrary it is colder it will take a little longer.

Bake the brioche. Once the brioche is well leavened, bake it in the oven at 200º, heat up and down for 10 minutes. Then, at 180º, heat up and down for 20 minutes. In total we bake the brioche for 30 minutes.

Remove from the oven, let stand in the same mold for 5 minutes, unmold and let cool on a wire rack.


Now we just have to enjoy this delicious brioche with a good glass of milk for breakfast or snack. Spread with butter and jam is delicious, do you dare?

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