If you don't know how to surprise your guests anymore, with this crab sushi cake you will be a real sensation!

To enjoy a rich and simple oriental dish, as well as a good light meal, prepare your family or friends a delicious sushi cake. Also, use your favorite ingredients and create your own cake.

As a curiosity, in Japan there are universities that specialize in sushi. It takes up to four years for graduates to be able to touch a fish, and they recognize its quality just by looking at it in the market.

Crab sushi cake

Also, the knives used by sushi chefs are the direct descendants of samurai swords, and the blades must be sharpened and cared for every day. But don't worry, with this recipe you won't need those implements, and you will also be able to prepare a very special variety of sushi.


Crab sushi cake


Put the rice with the water in a pot on low heat for 10-20 min (depending on cooking) and let it cool down. Grease a removable mold, preferably with edible vegetable oil spray.

For the surimi (crab) salad: Mix the crab, mayonnaise, cambray onions, vinegar, coriander and lemon. Use your favorite ingredients instead of crab: shrimp, vegetarian, etc.

For the Cake: 1. Put and go crushing a thin layer of rice under and around the previously greased pan. Add a thin layer of crab salad plus a thin layer of diced cucumber, a layer of thinly sliced avocado. Add more rice, another layer of crab salad, diced cucumber, sliced avocado and finish by covering with rice.

Crush with plastic or hook-and-loop film and leave in the refrigerator (overnight).

For the sauce to accompany: Mix soy sauce with lemon juice with the roasted peppers (to taste).

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