Keto cauliflower puree, as healthy as it is delicious and you only need 20 minutes to prepare it

Eating healthy doesn't mean not eating delicious, and proof of that is this recipe for pureed keto cauliflower, which is low in carbohydrates but retains a smooth, creamy consistency.

The ketogenic diet has been proven to be effective for weight loss by monitoring patients' blood glucose, and it lowers blood pressure and triglycerides, a certain type of fat. With this recipe that we bring you today you will be able to follow your keto diet, and also eat a delicious dish. Enjoy it!

Keto cauliflower puree


Keto cauliflower puree


In a pot of boiling water add salt and cauliflower, cook until soft. Drain and cool. Put in the processor the cauliflower, the cream cheese, the butter, the salt and the pepper. Process until obtaining a very smooth puree.

Cook the puree in a frying pan over medium heat to thicken it, rectify the seasoning and serve with chopped chives.


Decorate with chives and enjoy.

Process the puree very well to eliminate the lumps completely.

Alejandro Peña

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