Mini cheesecake cookie sandwiches in just few minutes!

Mini cheesecake cookie sandwiches in just few minutes!

Learn how to prepare this incredible snack in a few minutes.

A mixture of flavors will invade your mouth after trying this recipe. In just 5 simple steps you will get a fantastic and delicious very sweet snack to delight you and spend the afternoon. This recipe is very easy to make. The taste of these cookies is incredible. They are crunchy deep and have their filling creamy and smooth cheesecake flavor, that contrast of flavors is from another planet. You can add a topping like melted chocolate or fill them combining different flavors and textures to achieve your ideal combination!

Let's go!



  1. Beat cream cheese and sugar for 1 minute or until smooth.
  2. Place in a piping bag fitted with a 1.5cm fluted nozzle. If you don't have one, you can use a plastic bag.
  3. Pipe cream cheese mixture onto flat side of half the cookies. 
  4. Drizzle with caramel topping. 
  5. Top with remaining cookies and drizzle with chocolate.


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