Prepare Totally Different and Healthy Bruschettas in Just 2 Steps!

Ripe cherries, creamy cottage cheese and salty serrano ham combine wonderfully on these little tostadas, making them the perfect party snack.  This type of bruschetta is totally different, in colors, flavors and taste, but it is fantastic and delicious. The best part is that it is ready in no time to enjoy!

When we are in Italy, it is difficult to look at a restaurant menu and not find bruschetta as a starter. Bruschetta is one of the most traditional antipasti in this country. Like so many other dishes, it is said that it was originally a poor meal, a simple recipe made by the peasants to use up the remains of stale bread. We find infinite bruschetta recipes nowadays, as it is a recipe that offers us the possibility of combining many ingredients: cheeses of different types, black olives, chicken, smoked salmon, Parma ham, peppers, zucchini, pesto, mushrooms, anchovies, etc.

In this savage recipe, its flavor is incredible, the creaminess of the cheese and the contrast of the Serrano ham with the ripe cherries, it is like something incredibly delicious bittersweet. The crunchy of the toast blend the textures very well. You can add extra toppings and it will be great. Accompany them with a glass of wine for an ideal Bruschetta culinary experience.



  1. Heat the grill to its highest setting. Cut the ciabatta into 12 slices, then brush each slice on both sides, with a little extra virgin olive oil. Grill the bread for 2 mins on each side.
  2. Spread over the ricotta. Pit and halve the cherries and arrange them on top of the bruschetta with the prosciutto. Drizzle over some more olive oil to serve.


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