Prepare this Japanese potato salad in no time with these very simple steps!

This Japanese potato salad is made with a colorful array of proteins and vegetables, giving the salad a host of contrasting flavors and textures that make this a fun side to eat that's substantial enough to have as a starter. as well.

Potato salad probably isn't the first thing you think of when you are naming Japanese dishes, but it has been around for at least 160 years. It is believed to have evolved from a Russian dish called Olivier Salad, which explains why it includes a high proportion of other ingredients relative to potatoes. The Japanese potato salad is seasoned with mayonnaise, which gives it a more acidic and flavorful taste and in addition to the potatoes, many other vegetables and proteins are added, which make it more colorful and add a lot of different textures to the dish. Their combination of flavors is fantastic and very fresh, it really is a complete dish if you want to eat it alone. Try it, it's easy to make and the process is fun!

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For potato salad

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  1. Put the cubed potatoes and carrots into a pot filled with water and bring the water to a boil. Reduce the heat and cook the potatoes until they are tender (about 15 minutes).
  2. While the potatoes and carrots cook, put the sliced cucumber and onions in a bowl and sprinkle with about 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Stir this together to ensure the veggies are evenly coated and let them sweat.
  3. Prepare your dressing by whisking together the mayonnaise, rice vinegar, sugar, and salt.
  4. When the potatoes are soft enough that they easily fall apart, drain them well, and then add them to the dressing while still hot.
  5. Stir this together, until the potatoes are mostly mashed up, but don’t mash the carrots.
  6. Massage the cucumbers and onions until they turn translucent and then squeeze them between your hands to remove any excess liquid.
  7. Add the squeezed cucumber and onions to the potato salad along with the ham. Stir everything together until well combined.
  8. Plate the potato salad and then top with the boiled eggs and a generous amount of black pepper.

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