Prepare this recipe in a short time! Prepare this recipe in a short time!

Prepare this recipe in a short time!

If you don't have much time to cook, we bring you this simple and delicious recipe!

Sometimes we need to have enough free time to prepare delicious dishes. But other times our time is insufficient, because of all the daily activities we do. That is why it is necessary to know how to prepare meals that are ready in just a few minutes.

You will love this recipe for chicken with coriander cream, and you will want to prepare it whenever you can't spend much time in your kitchen.



Cook the breasts with enough water, onion, salt and pepper. Keep them in the broth until the moment of serving. Blend the coriander, onion, cream and broth. Melt the butter in a frying pan over medium heat, add the flour and stir. Lower the temperature and add the coriander sauce.

Boil for a couple of minutes and let it thicken slightly. Add salt and pepper to taste. Remove the breasts from the broth, cut them into slices and serve the sauce on top, ready!

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