Spinach gnocchi, a homemade recipe that everyone who tries it will love

Gnocchi are a typical Italian dish and incorporate vegetables among their ingredients, with a very soft flavor and delicate texture, making them a very special dish.

Our spinach gnocchi recipe incorporates this vegetable in addition to the traditional ingredient of this dish which is the potato, making it a very healthy recipe and an excellent option to give some vegetables to the children at home in a tasty way.

Spinach gnocchi

Although they are very easy to prepare, kneading them and giving them their characteristic shape can take a while, but here we can ask for help from our loved ones and cook as a family, it will be a lot of fun!


For 5-6 people

Ingredients for the sauce

Spinach gnocchi


The first thing we will do to prepare our spinach gnocchi is to prepare the vegetables. We boil the cleaned spinach in a little salted water. In another saucepan we cook the potatoes. We boil them whole and with the skin on for 30-40 minutes. When the spinach is cooked, we drain them well trying to remove the water, once cooked their weight is reduced approximately by half. Blend them in a food processor or blender and set aside.

When the potatoes are cooked, let them cool, peel them and pass them through a potato masher. We join the puree to the spinach and incorporate the flour and we work until we obtain a homogeneous, somewhat soft dough.

As the dough has little flour it is very light, it can fall apart if we do not work it carefully, but do not make the mistake of adding more flour, this would make the dough heavier and heavier and that is not what we want. Form strips of dough and round them with your hands in the shape of sausage, about 1 cm and a half in diameter, sprinkling the work surface with flour so they do not stick.

With a knife cut into pieces of approximately 2-3 centimeters and then we make the "striped" giving the classic shape of the gnocchi, making a little pressure on the tines of a fork.

Cook in a pot with plenty of boiling salted water. The gnocchi will be ready immediately, when they come to the surface of the water, remove them with a skimmer. Serve with butter that we pour directly into the dish, on top of the freshly drained gnocchi, add the grated cheese, stir a little and bring to the table immediately.

This way of serving them is very soft and ideal to savor even more the texture of our spinach gnocchi, but you can also serve them with a homemade tomato sauce.

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