Stuffed keto donuts, perfect for your diet and only need 30 minutes!

Stuffed keto donuts, perfect for your diet and only need 30 minutes!

If you are doing the keto challenge and you feel like something sweet, you have to try these keto donuts filled with blue berries, ideal to take away your craving without feeling guilty.

This recipe for keto donuts is prepared in the oven and sweetened with monk's fruit, so they can be part of your keto diet.

Stuffed keto donuts


Stuffed keto donuts


Mix in a bowl the melted butter with the almond milk, the egg and the vanilla essence until it has a homogeneous consistency.

In another bowl, sift the almond flour, the monk's fruit, the powdered cinnamon, the baking powder, the salt and mix perfectly. Add the dry ingredients to the liquids and mix with the help of a balloon whisk.

Grease the doughnut mold with the butter and pour two tablespoons of the doughnut mixture, add the blackberries and cover with more doughnut mixture until it almost reaches the edge, but leaving approximately one centimeter free.

Bake for 30 minutes at 180 °C. Remove from oven and let cool.

For the glaze, beat the cream cheese, add the melted butter, the monk's fruit, the vanilla essence and the almond milk. Pass the doughnuts through the icing and let them dry.

Serve, decorate with blue berries and enjoy.


Decorate with blackberries and serve on a plate to share.

It is important not to fill the doughnut mold completely to prevent it from spilling and losing its shape.

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