This chorizo in cider will become one of your favorite recipes

Chorizo in cider is a traditional recipe from Asturias, ideal as an appetizer, which accompanied with a little bread is a real delicacy. In the bars the chorizo in cider is served in a small clay pot and accompanied with typical drinks, such as cider, wine or beer.

In this recipe it is necessary to keep in mind that the chorizos must be raw to cook them with the cider. As a recommendation, we encourage you to serve the chorizo in cider with some 'patatas bravas'.

Chorizo in cider


1/2 kg fresh chorizo

700 g natural apple cider

Chorizo in cider


Remove the strings from the chorizo, if it has them, and prick them with a fork, so that when they are cooking, they release the fat.

In a casserole we put the chorizos and the whole bottle of cider. The casserole should be big enough so that the chorizos are covered by the cider.

We put the fire to the maximum and when it begins to boil, we lower the fire to medium-low and let it cook for an hour. Once the time has elapsed, cut the chorizos in slices and serve them with the sauce.


Which chorizos to use for this recipe?

Asturian chorizos for the compango are ideal for this recipe, and they must be fresh, not cured. As it happens in many recipes, the quality of the chorizo will be fundamental in the final result, the better it is, the more delicious the recipe will be.

What type of cider to cook the chorizo?

The cider used in this recipe is natural cider, you cannot add sparkling cider or any other variant.

How to taste the Asturian chorizo in cider

Chorizo in cider can be accompanied with boiled potato, cachelo, but it is not necessary, as they are delicious on their own. They are served with a little bread to taste the sauce and of course with a glass of Asturian cider.

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