This dry noodle cake is a different and very economical recipe

This dry noodle cake is a different and very economical recipe

An economical and delicious recipe, this dry noodle cake is very easy to make. Perfect for any day of the week and for the whole family, it has chipotle sauce with a touch of piloncillo to give it a special touch.

This cake is topped with a layer of chorizo and manchego cheese au gratin, which makes it even tastier. It is a very delicious meal that can work as a main dish or as a delicious accompaniment.

Dry noodle cake


Dry noodle cake


For the sauce: blend the tomato, onion, garlic, chipotle bell pepper, chicken broth, piloncillo, salt and bell pepper until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Reserve.

Fry the noodle in a small pot at medium heat with enough oil for 5 minutes. Add the sauce and move it until it is incorporated, cover and let it cook until the liquid evaporates. Rectify the seasoning and set aside.

For the cake: add the dry noodle in individual molds until it fills ¾ of its capacity, place a layer of golden chorizo and on top a slice of manchego cheese. Bake until the cheese is gratin.

Unmold and serve with pickled red onion and fresh cilantro.


Presented with pickled onion and coriander leaves.

In order to make the color of the noodle uniform, brown it over medium heat, without stopping moving, in this way, you will avoid burning it and you will have a perfect browning.

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