This is the best way to drink coffee! Make your own Affogato

When you make an Affogato, there is no need to choose between coffee and dessert after dinner. This is brilliant Italian ice cream topped with espresso and it's incredibly easy to make!

The Affogato was designed to feature two of Italy's favorites: espresso and gelato. You can make it with espresso and vanilla ice cream, or switch to highly brewed coffee and vanilla ice cream. If desired, add a liqueur; favorites are amaretto, hazelnut and Irish cream. In theory, pouring hot coffee over ice cream would make it melt, but that's not the case here. The trick is to serve it in a chilled glass or on a dessert plate. This balances out the difference in temperature and the coffee will slide down the sides of the glass. It's delicious, try it.

Photo by Häagen-Dazs


Photo by The Spruce Eats / S&C Design Studios


  1. Gather the ingredients.
  2. In a chilled glass or dessert dish, place a large scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream.
  3. Slowly pour the espresso or coffee over the ice cream.
  4. Garnish with shaved or grated chocolate.


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