This spaghetti with fish and white wine is perfect for any special occasion, it's a real treat!

Perfect spaghetti with fish and white wine, an ideal recipe to surprise all your guests. Prepare it and enjoy its wonderful flavor.

Fish and white wine will always be a perfect combination. In this recipe you will have both in one dish, so the flavor will be enhanced. Enjoy it with taste that you will not regret.

Spaghetti with fish and white wine


Spaghetti with fish and white wine


Fry in the oil the garlic, 2 spoonfuls of parsley and the fish.

After 5 minutes add the wine, let it evaporate and add the olives, salt and pepper, being careful not to overcook the fish.

Cook the pasta according to the instructions of the package and drain. Mix in a pot the pasta with the condiment and over a medium flame sauté until integrated.

Serve hot, garnishing with parsley.

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