Today we show you how to prepare this surprise cake that you will love!

Today we show you how to prepare this surprise cake that you will love!

Try this chocolate surprise cake filled with M&M's, it's a fun way to give someone a gift. Besides being perfect to celebrate any occasion, you will enjoy preparing it, because it is incredible.

As a curious fact, a survey carried out by NASA among visitors to its website places chocolate M&M's among the favorite foods of astronauts, followed by Tang powdered juices which, contrary to popular wisdom, were not invented by NASA, but by General Foods, in 1957.

A surprise cake!

So today we share this recipe with you with these delicious and famous chocolates that create addiction even in outer space.


A surprise cake!


In a mixer with a shovel, beat the butter with the sugar at medium speed until smooth. Lower the speed, add one by one the eggs and the vanilla essence. Add the cocoa powder, the wheat flour, the baking powder and the salt, you can lean on a sieve to sift. Pour the milk and the melted chocolate, incorporate until obtaining a uniform mixture.

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Pour the mixture into a greased circular mould with a diameter of 21 centimetres, distributing it. Bake for 50 minutes at 180°C. Afterwards, insert a wooden stick in the center of the cake to ensure it bakes. Remove from oven, cool and remove from mold

In a mixer with a shovel, mix the butter together with the vegetable shortening, the cocoa powder, the powdered sugar, the vanilla essence and the milk until it is completely integrated. You should obtain a manipulable mixture.

To cover, mix the chocolate with the whipping cream in a bowl, heat for 2 mins, in 40 seconds in the microwave until it melts. Place in a bottle and set aside.

Assemble the cake. Cut the centers of two of the cakes with the help of a ring of approximately 10 centimeters in diameter (to obtain a doughnut shape). Place one of the cut cakes as a base, cover with the bitumen on the surface and add the peanut M&M's and milk chocolate M&M's inside the hole you formed. Repeat the same with the second cupcake. Finally cover with the last piece of cake and cover the cake with the rest of the bitumen, smoothing it with the help of a spatula.

Decorate the cake with the chocolate coating, pour it on the edge of the cake, so that the drops fall down the walls of the cake and cover the surface with it. Place an empty milk chocolate M&M's envelope with the help of a wooden stick, decorate with bitumen rosettes and pour milk chocolate M&M's in the center to taste.


Decorate with bitumen and milk chocolate M&M's.

You can use muscovado sugar for the preparation of the cake.

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