Try this Delicious date kheer

This recipe is so tasty and easy to make that you won’t believe it. This Utthatti Payasa will save you if you have unexpected guests. Or you can try it for you.  

Prepare this exquisite Utthatti Payasa if you want a quick, easy and tasty recipe for your guests, or family. Or enjoy it as a tasty snack in the evening. Either way, this dish is as tasty as healthy, so you can include it in your diet.

Utthatti Payasa

Dry dates kheer


  1. Deseed dates and chop them into small pieces
  2. In a mixer, add dates, a cup of milk and grind them into fine paste
  3. Mix the grounded paste with the remaining cup of milk
  4. Now, add the grated jaggery and mix well
  5. Add cardamom powder and combine them well
  6. Heat the payasa and bring it to boil
  7. Once it starts boiling, switch off the flame. Ensure not to overcook
  8. In a small pan, add ghee and heat it over medium flame. Add cashews and fry until they turn golden
  9. Season uttatthi payasa with fried cashews and chopped nuts.
  10. Serve dates payasa either warm or chilled.

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