Tuna and shortbread cake: A practical and quick recipe to prepare

This tuna and shortbread cake is a very easy to make recipe that the whole family will love. In addition, as it contains tuna, it is a great way to introduce oily fish in our weekly menu, and benefit from its high nutritional value and all its healthy properties for our organism that provide us with Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins such as A, D, B3 or B12, among others.

Below, we explain you how to make the tuna flatbread cake in detail so that it will be delicious. If you have a celebration, do not hesitate to prepare it, you will surprise your guests with how colorful it is. You can have it prepared in advance and decorate it at the time of serving, although it can be decorated in the refrigerator for several hours.

Tuna and shortbread cake


Tuna and shortbread cake


The first thing we are going to do is to prepare the tuna filling for this shortbread pie, we are going to make two different fillings. On the one hand, we are going to mix two cans of tuna with finely chopped lettuce and mayonnaise.

And on the other we will mix two cans of tuna and fried tomato. To make it easier, we can use a rectangular plum cake mold and put plastic wrap over the sides.

We put a first sheet of sliced bread, on top half of the tuna, lettuce and egg filling, cover with another sheet of sliced bread, on top of the tuna filling with fried tomato, another sheet of bread that we cover with the rest of the tuna, lettuce and egg filling, and finally, we finish with a sheet of sliced bread.

Close with the leftover plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator for a few hours.

After this time, remove the plastic wrap and turn it upside down, put it on the tray or dish where we are going to serve it, cover with mayonnaise and decorate as we like, we can ask the little ones to help us.

We have opted for a lot of color, we have put chives all around and on top some slices of radish, cherry tomatoes of different varieties.

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