We show you how to prepare these delicious, fresh and nutritious fruit pallets

Enjoy these tamarind-coated fruit palettes, the perfect combination to enjoy at home when you want a healthy and spectacular dessert.

You can use mango, watermelon or pineapple to prepare them and the kids will love them. The mixture of sweet and spicy flavor is irresistible.

You can use mango, watermelon or pineapple to prepare them


The perfect dessert to enjoy at home


Cut the watermelon in slices, cut each slice in half and then again in half to make small triangles. Set aside. Remove the peel from each slice of pineapple. Reserve. Remove the skin from the mango with a small knife. Reserve.

Join the tamarind candies to form a little ball. With the help of a flattening tool, flatten the tamarind ball so that you get a 3 mm thick circle. If you wish, you can use a roller to form a bigger circle, the ideal size of each tamarind circle should be half a centimeter bigger than each piece of fruit to be covered.

Cover the fruits with the tamarind circles, if necessary place two circles per fruit, so that it is completely covered, the secret is that the tamarind is big enough so that the candy does not get unstuck by the natural juice of each fruit. Then place a wooden stick on one side of each covered fruit.

Bathe the fruits with chili powder and sugar. Serve with liquid champagne.


You can also use special tamarind coating to prepare apples.

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