You have to prepare this Pad Thai, one of the most delicious traditional Thai recipes out there

Pad Thai is a traditional dish of Thai cuisine, where it is eaten as a unique dish both for lunch and dinner, and it is also very popular eaten in the street in the numerous street stalls.

As a curiosity we tell you that this dish did not emerge until the twentieth century when the government "invented" this dish and made it a national dish. You can make Pad Thai with chicken, prawns, beef, pork or if you want it vegetarian only with tofu, there are many versions of this dish.

Pad Thai

We hope you like the one we propose, we are sure that once you try Pad Thai it will become one of your favorite dishes, because the mixture of flavors makes it addictive, besides it is not complicated to prepare at home.


Pad Thai


Sauté the vegetables and prawns: Peel the prawns, leaving the tails and reserving the heads, sauté them in the pan or wok with a little olive oil, when they are ready remove them and set aside.

Add the finely chopped shallots together with the radish and cook. Add the tofu cut in small pieces, sauté, add the tamarind paste, the fish sauce and the sugar, mix everything.

Add the Chinese garlic or chives. Stir-fry everything for a few minutes.

Cook the rice noodles: Prepare the rice noodles according to the manufacturer's instructions, in our case one minute in boiling water. Drain and add to the rest, mix.

Add the rest of the Pad Thai ingredients: Beat two eggs and in one side of the wok or frying pan, cook them, and mix with the noodles. Add the reserved prawns, bean sprouts, toasted peanuts and toasted chili powder to taste.

Stir-fry everything together to mix it all. Finally, serve the Pad Thai, accompanied by some sliced limes and a few sprigs of fresh chives.


You can add more toasted chili powder and peanuts on the side so that whoever wants can serve more.

In Thai cuisine they use another type of fat, we have used a little extra virgin olive oil which is healthier.

You can make this Pad Thai substituting the prawns for turkey breast cubes.

If you cannot find palm sugar you can substitute it with brown sugar.

You can use the sauce for Pad Thai that they sell ready in the supermarket, although it is better to make it ourselves, so we can put the different ingredients to our taste.

You can find the ingredients to elaborate this Pad Thai in Oriental Gastronomy stores.

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